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Van City (first blog post in a minute.)

Here’s a few snaps from my trip to Vancouver.  I went out to shoot a wedding for a friend.  Stayed the week with some fam who’ve made their home there, thanks so much Dave, Laura, Wynn, George and Erin, you guys are amaze!  

I walked around the city A LOT, so much that I think I strained my calves pretty bad… lol.  Drank a lot of coffee and beer, ate at least a donut or a scone every day. Met up with some old friends from UNB days and met some wonderful new ones.  I didn’t really end up shooting that much because it was so sunny the entire time, but still enjoyed the trip all the same.  I really love it there.

Here’s some shots from a trip to Port Moody to check out some breweries with da kiddies.

I love finding basketball hoops in cities and towns wherever I go.  Here’s some from David Lam Park and Kitsilano Beach (one of my favourite places on earth,  I think).

Some shots of Van City and a quick trip to Keats Island where my cousin just bought a weekend place, and a shot of the friends I hung out with the night before the wedding, a great and also hilarious crew. 


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