Colin Swift's Portfolio


  1. Back to the country.

    Date 31 May 2015
    There was a mix up at my new job, so I came back to my old one.  I was excited for a change but I’m also happy to be back, closer to the ocean and the country.  Still should be a great summer photographically. :)

  2. To Fredericton.

    Date 18 May 2015
    I just moved to Fredericton this weekend to take a new job.  It was last minute but I’m excited for the photography opportunities.  I also had to take the obligatory Fredericton walking bridge shot as soon as I got here.  Plenty more shots from the city and surrounding area to…

  3. Cruising Kings County.

    Date 03 May 2015
    Cruising around Kings County on a Saturday.  Always forget how nice the Bluff is until I go there with someone who’s never been.

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