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  1. A Mirrorless Affair Gone Wrong: A Cautionary Love Story

    03 Jul 2015
    My Canon and I.  We were like two peas in a pod.  We met when I was just a young man, knowing nothing about love or how to use a camera.  My Canon taught me so much so quickly.  We would go out everywhere together and my Canon would teach…

  2. I Still Call It Skydome

    03 Jul 2015
    Took a trip to Toronto with the fam to take in a couple Blue Jays games.  They were launching dingers against the Red Sox on Canada Day, even though that was the only game they ended up winning in the series.  Wandered around the Rogers Centre (I still call it…

  3. A Broken Man On A Halifax Pier

    02 Jul 2015
    Took a day trip with a few friends (I was fifth wheeling actually) to Halifax a few weekends ago and snapped some pics through the day.  Visited the awesome Pro Skates Shop in Hali, what an inspiring spot.  Skate, snow, surf, coffee shop, record store, barber shop all in one…

  4. Moosehorn Creek.

    10 Jun 2015
    Picked up a new little camera, brought it out in the rain to play with…

  5. Back to the country.

    31 May 2015
    There was a mix up at my new job, so I came back to my old one.  I was excited for a change but I’m also happy to be back, closer to the ocean and the country.  Still should be a great summer photographically. :)

  6. To Fredericton.

    18 May 2015
    I just moved to Fredericton this weekend to take a new job.  It was last minute but I’m excited for the photography opportunities.  I also had to take the obligatory Fredericton walking bridge shot as soon as I got here.  Plenty more shots from the city and surrounding area to…

  7. Cruising Kings County.

    03 May 2015
    Cruising around Kings County on a Saturday.  Always forget how nice the Bluff is until I go there with someone who’s never been.

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