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  1. Friars Nose

    Date 03 Aug 2015
    Took a trip to Friars Nose, but more importantly my friends Ciaran McCarthy and Justin Allain are opening a Clothing/Footwear/Leather Goods/Skateboards/Accesories store August 8th, 2015 at 10AM on 70 Waterloo Street in Moncton New Brunswick. Check them out at

  2. Summer Drives.

    Date 30 Jul 2015
    Went out for a drive and took some photos with the great light happening as the sun sets.  Lilly is funny.

  3. The Cuts

    Date 18 Jul 2015
    I had never visited the Cuts.  I always heard about it, but somehow had never drove out.  Finally made it out today and it’s a cool spot.  But I can’t help but wonder how it came to be.  My friend Danielle says it’s an old rock quarry that spouted into…

  4. An Unscientific Look @ The Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art Lens: A Poor Man’s (Somewhat Explicit) Review

    Date 15 Jul 2015
    So this is an extremely unscientific look at the awesome Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art lens.  Right off the bat, I’ll tell you it is a great lens.  Beautiful, super sharp and fun to use.  The only thing that bothers me a little is the harsh vignetting while shooting at 1.4 to…

  5. Summer Evenings.

    Date 14 Jul 2015
    A spur of the moment photo op with Danielle.  Rural New Brunswick is extremely photogenic as the sun goes down in the summer time. 

  6. Streets Of Toronto

    Date 04 Jul 2015
    I walked around a lot during a visit to Toronto.  It’s an inspiring place that has a completely different energy than other places I’ve been (in a good way).  I kept my camera low and fired off the shutter from my hip whenever I saw people who looked interesting.  Some…

  7. A Mirrorless Affair Gone Wrong: A Cautionary Love Story

    Date 03 Jul 2015
    My Canon and I.  We were like two peas in a pod.  We met when I was just a young man, knowing nothing about love or how to use a camera.  My Canon taught me so much so quickly.  We would go out everywhere together and my Canon would teach…

  8. I Still Call It Skydome

    Date 03 Jul 2015
    Took a trip to Toronto with the fam to take in a couple Blue Jays games.  They were launching dingers against the Red Sox on Canada Day, even though that was the only game they ended up winning in the series.  Wandered around the Rogers Centre (I still call it…

  9. A Broken Man On A Halifax Pier

    Date 02 Jul 2015
    Took a day trip with a few friends (I was fifth wheeling actually) to Halifax a few weekends ago and snapped some pics through the day.  Visited the awesome Pro Skates Shop in Hali, what an inspiring spot.  Skate, snow, surf, coffee shop, record store, barber shop all in one. …

  10. Moosehorn Creek.

    Date 10 Jun 2015
    Picked up a new little camera, brought it out in the rain to play with…

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