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  1. #InstaBluffNB

    16 Nov 2015
    Got together with a few other Instagram junkies and photographers for my first Instameet.  It was really cool hanging out with some people I’ve only ever been in contact with through Instagram, meeting some new people to follow, and hanging with a couple old friends and fam too.  Hoping to…

  2. Searching for Cape Spencer

    11 Nov 2015
    I’ve seen a lot of fellow NB explorers and photographers post photos from this spot outside of Saint John, so I decided to check it out during sunset, what a wicked spot.  Check out some snaps from this place.

  3. f/8 & Go @ The Sussex Flea Market

    08 Nov 2015
    I’ve grown up going to the Flea Market in Sussex, NB.  I’ve always liked checking out all the junk and looking for something special, but my favourite part has always been the different people that come to Sussex, it’s an eclectic group that invade the small town for the weekend…

  4. Shooting Hoops.

    08 Nov 2015
    I love basketball,  it’s a beautiful game.  Like Jesus Shuttlesworth said “It’s poetry in motion”.   Whenever I see a hoop while I’m out and about I try and stop to see if I can get a shot.  Every person who loves basketball, or grew up playing on an outdoor hoop…

  5. Oceans of Art.

    11 Oct 2015
    I went in to Oceans of Ink to get some more work done on my arm.  It’s always a cool experience going in there, super visually stimulating with all kinds of great art all around you.  I asked Jesse (the owner/artist of more than just tattoos)  if I could snap…

  6. Fall in Waterford.

    07 Oct 2015
    I’m hoping to shoot some more portraits before the cold weather smacks the Maritimes.  Had a last minute shoot with Britt in Waterford during the last light of the day, some beautiful spots out there.

  7. Tania & Thor

    30 Sep 2015
    I was lucky enough to head out west to BC to shoot an old friends wedding this September.  Thor and I came into UNB to play basketball at the same time, and continued to play together for four years, so when he asked me to head out to Fernie to…

  8. Jens, Véro & Colin vs. BC

    20 Sep 2015
    Here’s a few snaps from my trip from east to west, then from Van to Fernie, then back to Van.  I came out to BC to shoot a wedding for two friends (blog post to come later) and in the time before and after the wedding Jens & Véro (and…

  9. Rachel & Chris

    18 Sep 2015
    I met Chris quite a few years back while coaching basketball camps at UNB.  We became friends very quickly, he’s one of those people whose positive energy is extremely contagious and is genuinely interested in making a connection with everyone he’s around.  Spending the day with Rachel and her family…

  10. Jessica & Cody

    03 Sep 2015
    Two awesome families came together for a great time at #ThorneWedding15.  I had a blast hanging out with everyone all day and night.  Congrats to Jess and Cody who are two of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, check out some photos from their day!

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