Colin Swift's Portfolio


  1. Picaroons General Store in Saint John

    Date 30 May 2016
    Stopped into the really beautiful new Picaroons store in Saint John, quite the spot with great local micro brew. 

  2. Sunday Sam

    Date 05 Mar 2016
    Met up with my friend Sam from Scout Development Agency ( while I was visiting Fredericton, and we explored the UNB campus looking for cool spots to shoot, check it out!  She kills it. 

  3. #InstaMusquash

    Date 22 Feb 2016
    Another great photo meet up went down, with some new people coming out and another impressive view of the coast line! 

  4. Danielle & Peter (NYE 2016)

    Date 22 Feb 2016
    Two of my bestest of friends got hitched on New Years Eve and it was a blast to say the least, thanks to Danielle and Pete for letting me shoot one of the most enjoyably unconventional weddings I’ve ever been a part of, congrats!

  5. Shooting in the Streets of Freddy

    Date 16 Dec 2015
    Headed up (kinda) early to Fredericton before an Instameet in Welsford to shoot with my friend Sam who’s been modelling for Scout Development Agency, she also has a degree in science, works with people who suffer from PTSD using neuroscience and other things that are really interesting and hard for my…

  6. #InstaCochraneNB

    Date 14 Dec 2015
    Here’s a few snaps from our latest photo meet up.  Quite a spot on the Cochrane Cliffs in Welsford.  I’m always impressed each time I go to a new spot in New Brunswick that I didn’t know about thanks to some photog friends.

  7. #InstaPartridgeNB

    Date 07 Dec 2015
    I only learned about Partridge Island about a year ago from my friend Jodi.  Once I started seeing some images of this place in Instagram, I really wanted to check it out.   I finally got to visit it today after me and @ericwilliamkaffine (on Instagram) decided to set up…

  8. #InstaCapeSpencer

    Date 23 Nov 2015
    Another fun instameet went down today at the Cape Spencer Lighthouse.  There was a lot of cool clouds and even cooler cameras.  What a great spot to visit to take photos.  Good times with talented peeps, hopefully we keep having some meet ups before it gets too cold, although I’m gonna…

  9. Finding Falls, Shooting Portraits

    Date 23 Nov 2015
    Met up with Anne this weekend in Freddy.  She showed me some wicked falls out in Mactaquac and we shot some portraits.  Check it out. 

  10. #InstaBluffNB

    Date 16 Nov 2015
    Got together with a few other Instagram junkies and photographers for my first Instameet.  It was really cool hanging out with some people I’ve only ever been in contact with through Instagram, meeting some new people to follow, and hanging with a couple old friends and fam too.  Hoping to…

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