Colin Swift's Portfolio


  1. Annie & Joey

    Date 10 Jun 2019
    What a fun day shooting my cousin Annie’s wedding.  I met her hubby Joey a little while back before the wedding, and I was really happy for Annie that she had found such a great guy.  Come to find out his family and friends are just as great as him. …

  2. Taylor @ Mispec

    Date 07 Feb 2019
    Had a great time shooting some portraits with Taylor at Mispec Beach.  Somehow I had never walked down to the beach before.  It’s always cool walking on the ocean floor as the tide goes out while crackin’ a cold one.

  3. Bayshore Beach

    Date 06 Feb 2019
    We actually had a fairly warm day (+1 degrees celsius) in New Brunswick last weekend, so Nienke and I headed out to Bayshore Beach and we lucked out with some great light.  Felt amazing to get outside and shoot a little, it had been a while!

  4. Caitlin & Robin

    Date 25 Aug 2018
    What an amazing wedding this was.  I met Robin a few years ago at a pub in Vancouver while I was in BC shooting a wedding for my friends Tania & Thor, we talked cameras and photography a little bit and I’ve been following along with his amazing Instagram feed…

  5. Van City (first blog post in a minute.)

    Date 12 Aug 2018
    Here’s a few snaps from my trip to Vancouver.  I went out to shoot a wedding for a friend.  Stayed the week with some fam who’ve made their home there, thanks so much Dave, Laura, Wynn, George and Erin, you guys are amaze!   I walked around the city A LOT,…

  6. Katie & Holger

    Date 01 Nov 2016
    My sister and her hubby Holger decided to get hitched out of no where since a bunch of their family were going to be in Toronto at the same time.  They threw it together quickly and it turned out great, congrats!!!  

  7. Gabrielle & Mike

    Date 31 Aug 2016
    What an amazing day on Prince Edward Island.  Thanks so much to Mike, Gabby and Avery for having me shoot their wedding day.  Mike is a great friend as anyone who’s close to him will know, and when Mike introduced me to Gabby years ago, I was really excited for him and can’t express…

  8. Mount Carleton!

    Date 07 Aug 2016
    Finally made it to Mount Carleton, a spot in NB that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time.  Just randomly took off one Saturday afternoon with Eric and Terrill, and after a lost camera, a found camera, a lot of coffee, seeing coyotes, rabbits, deer, moose, mice, being locked…

  9. Grand Manan Island

    Date 11 Jul 2016
    Took a random trip to Grand Manan with some other great photogs, it was rainy and overcast but still such a beautiful place. 

  10. Emily & Ryan

    Date 11 Jul 2016
    Ryan was one of the first people I met after my own family, we’ve known each other since we were babies, so I was really happy when he and Emily asked me to shoot their wedding.  Ryan is loved by everyone he meets, and once I met Emily I could tell she is exactly…

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