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Oceans of Art.

I went in to Oceans of Ink to get some more work done on my arm.  It’s always a cool experience going in there, super visually stimulating with all kinds of great art all around you.  I asked Jesse (the owner/artist of more than just tattoos)  if I could snap some shots, I wish I could have had someone take some shots of her in action on my arm but of course I didn’t think ahead.  I really like being in the tattoo chair, it’s a great opportunity to connect with someone in conversation, something that’s sorely lacking with all the quick texting and fast messaging between devices instead of face to face in todays first world.  I think that’s why I really enjoy long road trips, walks or hikes where your phone has to be in your pocket, being in the tattoo chair is very similar.  Thanks again to Jesse and everyone at shop! Woop!

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