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Caitlin & Robin

What an amazing wedding this was.  I met Robin a few years ago at a pub in Vancouver while I was in BC shooting a wedding for my friends Tania & Thor, we talked cameras and photography a little bit and I’ve been following along with his amazing Instagram feed ever since. 

Fast forward a few years and I get a message from Robin telling me he is getting married and they’re looking for a photographer, so I jumped at the chance to get back out to BC and shoot another wedding.

I’m so glad he and Caitlin brought me out to Van and I can’t thank them enough.  It was somewhat of an unconventional wedding day and I loved every minute of it.  I was meeting Caitlin for the first time, but within an hour of meeting her I felt like I had known her forever, she was so sweet and friendly, I felt right at home with them both.

I just hope these images can do a little justice to what an amazing day it was, full of beautiful people, laughs, friendship, family and love, cheers to Caitlin and Robin!

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