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An Unscientific Look @ The Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art Lens: A Poor Man’s (Somewhat Explicit) Review

So this is an extremely unscientific look at the awesome Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art lens.  Right off the bat, I’ll tell you it is a great lens.  Beautiful, super sharp and fun to use.  The only thing that bothers me a little is the harsh vignetting while shooting at 1.4 to 4.0, but it is EASILY fixed in post. 

Here are some shots of the lens to show how friggin’ beautiful the design actually is.  Don’t you just want to hold it?

It feels good on the Canon 6D,  it distributes the weight nicely on the smaller 6D body and isn’t too obtrusive.  I don’t shoot with a lens hood very often, which helps keep an even lower profile and will give any photog a gear boner. 

Here’s what the 24 looks like compared to the Sigma 35 and 50.  A little shorter and fatter, but oh so sexy.

Here are some example shots without any added sharpening.  First at f/1.4 without profile corrections (vignette still apparent) and then at f/1.4 again with profile corrections (vignette and distortion taken away).  You can see the harsh vignetting, but also how easily it’s taken away with one MF’ing click so I might as well shut up about it.  

f/1.4 no corrections

f/1.4 with corrections

Here are two more shots, both without profile corrections, first at f/1.4 and then at f/16.  Shit’s crispy.



Here are the differences between focal lengths of the 50mm, 35mm and 24mm, all shot at f/2.8 on the 6D from the same distance.  I’m most comfortable shooting with primes, especially the 35 focal length.  But, that extra wide angle goodness allows for a lot more fun and some cool angles.  . 

50mm @ f/2.8

35mm @ f/2.8

24mm @ f/2.8

I love this lens, it actually took a little while to grow on me but now I want to kiss it sometimes.  Hopefully this can help someone decide on whether or not they want to pick up the Sigma 24mm. Also, the auto focus is quick and accurate, I’ve never had any issues with these lenses auto focusing poorly.  I’ve shot weddings with no issues!  I highly recommend it if you’re looking at a lens with this focal length that has superior image quality at a price much better than its Canon and Nikon friends. 

Thanks to Steph Bab for being my subject. 

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